With the employee time tracking app, Timesheet Mobile provides a complete mobile time and attendance solution for companies who need to accurately track field-based employees.

While our employee time tracking app for smartphone users offers many sought-after features, employees can also access our system via landline or other mobile device. The User Guide links below will guide you thru each level of set up.

If you plan to integrate FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop with our system, you will want to utilize that set up guide first to sync both accounts.  Once linked all your customers, clients, projects and tasks will automatically stay in sync and be displayed on the employee tracking app.

User Guide Links

Employee Time Tracking Set Up:      On this page you can view, add, modify and delete employees from your Timesheet Mobile account.

Customer Time Tracking Set Up:      Set up employee time tracking app geofencing for your customers and jobsites where employees will be performing work.

Tasks Set Up:     Set up task time tracking and allow employees to choose task being worked during the shift.  

Employee Customer and Task Assignments (smartphone):    Assign employee – customer relationships so employees only see their assigned customers on the employee tracking app.   

Employee Instructions (non-smartphone):     No smartphone?  No problem.  Non Smartphone voice enabled IVR location service is supported by AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Metro PCS, US Cellular, Boost, and Virgin.

Employee Instructions (smartphone):     Invite your employees to install the free employee time tracking app available for iPhone and Android.

Viewing Employee Locations and Log Events:     Activity Log is where company administrators and managers can view real-time employee activity and verify employee locations.

GEO Fencing Customer Sites:     When location is captured for the employee action (Punch-In, Punch-Out, Check Point), Timesheet Mobile will compare the location of the Punch with geofence area for the customer or job site.

Punch Prompt:     App provides employees a reminder to punch-out when leaving a work site geofence and immediately alerts managers when employees leave a site.

Timesheet Reports:     Reports can quickly be run for any date range by individual employee, customer or for all employees and customers.

Timesheet Approvals:     Allow employees to correct timesheet mistakes during the work week via employee time tracking app.  Managers approve timesheets for payroll.

Employee and Contractor Scheduling:     Set up single or recurring shifts and employees will be reminded via the time tracking app when the shift starts and ends.

QuickBooks Desktop Employee Time Tracking:     Sync your QuickBooks Desktop to Timesheet Mobile via QuickBooks Web Connector.

QuickBooks Online Time Tracking Software:     QuickBooks Online time tracking software with Timesheet Mobile’s time tracking app takes minutes to set up.  All your employees, customers:jobs, service items, payroll and classes will automatically import to Timesheet Mobile.

Sage 100 Daily Payroll Entry:     Export timesheets as .csv file for enry into Sage 100 Daily Payroll Entry Form.

FreshBooks Time Tracking App:     Sync your FreshBooks account to Timesheet Mobile to enable our geofence enabled employee time tracking app.  All your staff, and client projects, will automatically import to Timesheet Mobile.