Time Tracking App Android and iPhone Setup

Employees can download the Timesheet Mobile time tracking app android or iPhone, free of charge for their smartphone by following the appropriate link below.

Location Services: In order for the time tracking app android or iphone to capture employee locations with each action, users must allow the app to capture locations. This setting is presented when downloading the app and can also be enabled within the app or device settings independently. Employees who disable location services within the app or on their device will show Smartphone GPS OFF in their activity logs.

Time tracking app Android or iphone registration: After downloading and installing the app, employees must register their smartphone in order to communicate with their company’s Timesheet Mobile server. Employees will need to know their assigned employee number and be using the mobile phone number matching that configured on the Employees Page (or configured in QuickBooks if connecting to your QuickBooks account). The company server name can be found on the homepage when the administrator logs into the Timesheet Mobile Account at http://mobilephonetimeclock.com/servername as shown below.servername


dash board

After successful registration, a text message will be sent to the mobile phone number entered by the user.  The message will include a registration code necessary to complete the app registration.  This registration code must be accurately entered in order to register the users app with the corresponding Timesheet Mobile server for the account.


Once registered, the users app will sync and download all Customer and Task items configured on the Timesheet Mobile server and be ready for use.  Note:  If changes are made to the Customer and Task items on the server, the user will need to sync these items manually by selecting Sync Customer/Task Lists on the settings page.

Time Tracking App Android or iPhone Ready to Use: Once registered, the user’s app will be connected and sync with the Timesheet Mobile server. If enabled within the server settings all Customer and Task items will be downloaded to the user’s app and ready for use. Employees will be notified if administrators have chosen not to download all items to the app and can manually add those items as instructed. Note: If changes are made to the Customer and Task items on the server, the user can sync these items manually by selecting Sync Customer/Task Lists on the settings page.

Employees will be presented with the screen below upon their first successful installation/registration:


Using the Menu button, employees can navigate to the Settings page and configure the time tracking app Android or iPhone as desired or as specified by their company administrator.:


Time Tracking App Android or iPhone Settings: The Timesheet Mobile app contains a number of features designed to facilitate ease of use, accuracy of information and security.  Sync with the Timesheet Mobile server provides the user with up to date information about the time on the clock for the day and week and also permits administrators to manually log out those users who may have forgotten to do so at the end of a day or work week.

Users can configure the app settings according to your company’s data collection requirements. Setting parameters include:
Location – captured for each user action as detailed in the Terms & Conditions and available on Logsheet Page.
Customer -Job and Task or Service lists – captured with each user action and available in Time Sheet reports.
Mileage – up to 6 digit mileage entry with each user action.
Notes – up to 300 characters with each user action.
Check Point – used to capture user information above during shifts.
Delete All Customer/Tasks – allows users to clear the list and re-sync or add items manually per server settings.


Punch Prompt: when enabled Punch Prompt will draw a geofence around the device location captured for a user punch in (Note: this may be different than the location configured for a Customer on the server).  When the user leaves the area defined by the fence, the time tracking app Android or iPhone will notify the user that they are leaving a work site prompting them to punch out.  In addition, the app will write a Punch Prompt event to the Logsheet with a timestamp to assist in manually fixing missing or forgotten punch out actions.

Time Tracking App Android or iPhone Operation: When punched in and with all options enabled, employees can capture a wide array of customer/job and task or service information. The employee can quickly tell whether he or she is punched in, how much time has elapsed, how much time has been accumulated for the day and week and is presented with context sensitive action options to prevent errors


Customer:Job and Task or Service lists are presented on separate screens to permit a large number of items to be viewed, searched and selected. Lists can be sorted alphabetically or by Timesheet Mobile number depending on the Sort by Number setting on the app. Customer:Job details including phone number and location




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