Employee Timesheet Approvals

Allowing employees to correct timesheet mistakes during the work week, as they happen, saves administrative time at the end of the pay period. Company administrators can approve timesheets for any employees, while Workgroup Managers can approve timesheets for those in their workgroup.

Activating Timesheet Approvals

  1. In Settings, set Approvals to Enabled.
  2. You will now see Approved Reports and Pending Logs added to your navigation menu on the left.

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Submitting Work Times

During the pay period, employee shifts will be captured using the Timesheet Mobile app installed on their smartphone.  On the timesheet app, employees can make edits to any shifts up until the time they are approved by a manager.  So, if they forgot to Punch out they can fix it on the spot. All worker edits must be reviewed and approved by a manager. Once approved they will be locked and stored in Approved Timesheets tab.

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Manager Timesheet Approvals

To view employee timesheet change requests, click Pending Logs.  Here you can approve or disapprove changes.

timesheet approvals

Approved Timesheets

Once approved, timesheet reports are locked and can only be unlocked by an authorized manager.  Click on “Approved Timesheets” to view approved timesheet reports along with record of QuickBooks, ADP, and Sage download dates.

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