Employee and Contractor Scheduling

Administrators and Workgroup Managers can now set up employee and contractor scheduling.  Set up single or recurring calendar events and workers will be reminded via the Timesheet Mobile app when the shift starts and ends. Scheduling works in conjunction with the smartphone app and is included at no extra cost.

On the dashboard, select Scheduling to drag and drop customers/jobs directly into your employee calendar. Here, you have the option to view up to 3 days at a time, which can be particularly helpful when looking at overnight shift hours. Click Job Calendar to reverse the view and see further into the week. Add Event allows you to create a recurring job.

scheduling reminders

 To add recurring schedules, click the Add Event button.

event adding

 You can also schedule workers from the employee or customer control panel. Open Control Panel for an employee to access scheduling tools.


Click on a day/time to schedule a shift.

contractor scheduling

On the smartphone app, employees can view their schedule and will get reminders to punch in/out for their scheduled shifts.

schedule (1)
employee punch in
employee punch out

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