Q. How long has Freedom Telecare been around?
A. Freedom Telecare has been a service provider to the Home Health industry since 2004. Timesheet Mobile has been available since 2009.  Unlike the new time tracking apps that seem to pop up daily, Freedom Telecare is a profitable company trusted by tens of thousands of employees around the world.

Q. How many employees can use Timesheet Mobile?
A. It can be used for unlimited employees and unlimited administrators.

Q. What languages are supported?
A. The dial up IVR, available only in North America, can be in any language.

Q. Is there any software to download on PC?
A. No. Timesheet Mobile is a web based SaaS. You can access it from any PC, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection.

Q. Can employees punch in and out from a land line?
A. Yes.

Q. Can workers enter mileage?
A. Yes. Our auto travel feature can also record the travel time and distance automatically.

Q. Can my workers enter notes?
A. Yes, notes can be entered in our employee tracking app.

Q. Can I get text or email alerts when workers exceed 40 hours per week?
A. Yes. You can add email addresses for alerts in the settings.

30 Day Free Trial

Q. Do I need to list a credit card for the free trial?
A. No. Just complete the trial form with your company information.

Q. After the free trial ends, will I lose all my data and settings?
A. No. If you choose to subscribe after the trial, your account will remain the same.

Q. Does the free trial include all employee tracking features?
A. Yes.  All employee tracking GPS geofencing features and reporting are included.

Software Integration

 Q. Can Timesheet Mobile be integrated with scheduling or other software applications?
A. Yes. we have a REST based API available upon request.

Employee Tracking Cost

Q. What is the cost?
A. We have different plans available based on the size of your company.  Use our calculator to determine which plan fits best:

Q. Is there a contract for this service?
A. There is no contract. You can cancel at any time.

Q. Do you accept automatic payment by credit card?
A. Yes.

Employee Tracking Location Services

Q. Will my employees know I can get location data?
A. Yes. Our privacy policy is that each employee must approve location services. Dial-up users need to call our system to authorize Timesheet Mobile location services. This is done only one time prior to using Timesheet Mobile. Smartphone users will set GPS on their device.

Q. Can I view employee tracking locations throughout the day?
A. No. Location coordinates are only obtained when the employee Punches in or out.  However, our exclusive Punch Prompt technology will alert managers if a worker leaves a jobsite while still punched in.

Employee Concerns with Time Tracking App

One of the biggest concerns employees have when they learn their employer is moving to mobile time-keeping is the issue of privacy. We understand this concern so we have outlined a few facts to help make this transition more comfortable.

You are not being tracked.  Ever.  The TSM app is not a tracking device that shows you moving about on a map, whether you are punched in or out.  The only time your location is recorded is the moment you hit “punch in”, “punch out”, “check point” or “switch”. Other than that, your employer only knows where you are if you the perimeter of an area they have defined as a jobsite.  This perimeter area is being monitored but if you do leave the jobsite perimeter, your employer doesn’t know where you have gone. They only know you have left it. You can think of it as having a security guard at the gate.  He will report you have left.  He will ask you if you want to sign out. But he has no idea where you go beyond that point. You can read more here:

Time-keeping is not a trust issue. Employers need a way to keep a record of employee time.  Everyone wants to get paid for the correct number of hours they have worked. Sometimes the method of time-keeping has to change to ensure fairness and accuracy across the board.  Your employer has chosen this method because they have tested the system and determined it to meet everyone’s needs better than the alternative. The good news for you is that TSM empowers you to be in control of your own time card.  You are able to verify its accuracy and to resolve any discrepancies or issues before they show up on your paycheck.  This keeps you satisfied and reduces administrative time and cost.

We do not monitor your activity on your phone or collect any data from it. Your privacy is one of our primary concerns.  Under no circumstances will we ever track your search history, view your communications, store your personal information, or in any way at all violate your privacy.  The TSM app does not know if you send a text message, log into Facebook, check your bank account, make an online purchase, surf the web or play a game.  It also does not care.  The TSM app is only capable of time and location stamping.   It is a tool to track time and verify location when you take a work related action.

Employee Concerns continued…

The app does not use a lot of data. The employee tracking app only uses about 50KB of data during each Punch.  If you punch in and out two times a day (60 times a month), you will have only used 3Mb of your data plan.  If you also punch in and out for lunch each day, then you still will only have used about 6Mb of data each month.

The app does not drain your phone’s battery. The app uses very little power. Unlike many other apps, Timesheet Mobile’s geo fencing technology monitors in the background but does not continuously send and receive data so there is no continuous drain.  A quick check of your battery performance will show that the app typically uses less battery than your email, Facebook or other popular apps.

Getting started is easy.   Download the Timesheet Mobile app.  From the invitation email sent by your employer (or if you don’t have an email address, have your employer provide you with), find your company server name and your employee number. Enter that information, along with your cell phone number into the registration form.  You will receive a numeric code via text message.  Enter that code into the app and then you will be able to start punching in and out.  You can find step by step directions and more information about the app here:

Employee Tracking Phones Supported 

Q. Are all phones supported internationally?
A. GPS employee tracking is possible on any carrier with an Android or iPhone using Timesheet Mobile app.  Our dial up IVR service is only supported in North America.

Q. What phones are supported for GPS employee tracking and geofencing alerts?
A. Land Lines: Any approved land line listed for a jobsite can be used to capture punch in and punch out data. (timestamp, employee number, job number, mileage).  Timesheet Mobile will only allow punch in/out from approved land line so you know they were on site.

Android and iPhone Smartphones: GPS employee geofence verification is available on any carrier with an Android or iPhone using the free Timesheet Mobile app available to your workers.  Built into the app is our exclusive Punch Prompt feature that reminds workers when they enter and exit a geofenced jobsite.  Punch Prompt also alerts managers if a worker leaves a site while still on the clock.  Our Autopunch feature will punch workers in/out as they enter and exit a geofenced job site automatically.

Q. Do you have a smartphone app?
A. Yes. The smartphone applications are available for installation on Google Play and iTunes. Timesheet Mobile’s employee tracking app captures employee punch times and GPS locations and automatically alerts the appropriate manager when an employee leaves a work site without punching out.

Employee Tracking in the Cloud

Q. Can I view my administrator account from any PC or mobile phone?
A. Yes. Timesheet Mobile is web based.  You can securely log into your admin account from any web browser.

Q. Can I manually enter log events if an employee forgets to log in or log out?
A. Yes. Data is manually entered from the Detail View on each page.

Q. Is the data backed up?
A. Yes. Data is backed up nightly.

Quickbooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Support

Q. Can I sync employee, customer and items from QuickBooks to Timesheet Mobile? 
A. Yes. Once you connect your QuickBooks account, all data is automatically synchronized and you can import your electronic timesheets for payroll and invoicing. This saves time and prevents errors.

Q. What other payroll and accounting software do you support?
A. We also, directly integrate with FreshBooks and Xero.  In addition, timesheet reports can be exported and saved as .csv (comma separated value) files. This format is widely accepted by the leading accounting applications.  A .csv timesheet report for ADP and Sage can be easily exported from the manager portal.