Employee Work Scheduling

There are a number of views you can use to set up work schedules.  Once the schedules are set up, employees will be able to view their schedules in the smartphone app.  Also, if they miss a scheduled punch in or punch out time, managers will get an email alert.

By Individual Employee:

Select an individual employee in the Employee Page and Open Control Panel.  Also, you can select individual customer:job in it’s control panel.

If you scroll to the bottom of the Control Panel, you will see that employee’s schedule.

To add a schedule, click on a time in the calendar and fill in the details for job, task, and shift times.  You can also set up recurring shifts.

By Employee Master Schedule:

Click on Scheduling.  From the Employee tab, you can drag and drop customer:jobs to an employee or click Add Event to set up shifts.  Total scheduled hours for the selected work week are displayed next to employee names.

By Customer:Job Master Schedule:

From the Customer tab, you can drag and drop employees to customer:jobs or click Add Event to set up shifts.


If you have specific tasks or positions that require staffing at the jobsite, you can assign tasks to the customer:job.  This is useful to ensure all positions are filled in your schedule.  See how Gate Attendant and Guards are listed below Commercial Plaza in the example above.

To enable this feature, go to account settings and set “Assign Customer Tasks” to Manual.

Now you can assign tasks to customers:jobs here.