FreshBooks Time Tracking App

FreshBooks Time Tracking App

Sync your FreshBooks account to Timesheet Mobile to enable our geofence time tracking app.  All staff member and client projects will automatically import to Timesheet Mobile.

Once your FreshBooks time tracking app is set up, all updates to staff and client projects in your FreshBooks account are automatically updated to Timesheet Mobile.  All updates are done in one place!

1.  Link your FreshBooks account to your Timesheet Mobile account.

link your FreshBooks account to Timesheet Mobile

2. Import FreshBooks Staff, Clients, Projects, and Tasks. After initial import, they will be updated automatically when you make changes in FreshBooks.  

import staff, clients, projects, and tasks.

3. FreshBooks People/Staff and Contractors will be imported to Timesheet Mobile Employees

freshbooks staff import

4. FreshBooks Projects get combined as Client:Project Name and imported to Timesheet Mobile as Customer:Job

FreshBooks Projects to timesheet app

5. FreshBooks Tasks will be imported to Timesheet Mobile Tasks

FreshBooks Tasks for Timesheet App

6. Export Approved Timesheets from Timesheet Mobile into FreshBooks Timesheets.

Approved Timesheets
FreshBooks Timesheet

That’s all there is to it!