Smartphone Users

iPhone and Android users download the free app on their smartphones, then enter the customer, task, notes and mileage.

During the punch process, our system captures their location, plots it on a map and alerts the appropriate manager if a user is outside the jobsite geofence.

COVID-19 Employee Self-Screening

The time clock app includes COVID-19 Self-Screening option in the Employee Punch Settings. The time clock app requires employees to affirmatively answer the default or custom screening questions in order to punch into a shift. If they fail the self-screen they cannot punch in and an alert is sent to their manager. The time and place of the failure are also recorded so employers can perform contact tracing and alert other employees who were in close contact with the employee.

Time Clock App Setup

In order for employees to use the time clock app on their smartphone, their employee information must first be entered into their administrator’s account. Customer:job lists and tasks (specific to each employee) can be entered to appear on their time clock app. QuickBooks Online or Desktop users will receive all information automatically.

Timesheet Reports

Employee punch times, customer site and GPS data are collected from the time clock app and compiled into various reports. Geofencing ensures the worker is at the site when they clock in.

Reports are easily imported to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Payroll export for ADP and Sage also available.

QuickBooks Desktop Time Clock App Set Up

QuickBooks Desktop easily integrates with our smartphone app. Automatically sync employees, customers, items and classes all in one place. Import timesheets for payroll and job costing.

Import Timesheets to QuickBooks Desktop

Importing timesheets into QuickBooks Desktop via .IIF file. Quickly generate timesheet reports from our app or dial-up logs.

QuickBooks Online Time Tracking Setup and Syncing

If you already have a QuickBooks Online account, sign up here for a
FREE 30 day trial:

Settings Tutorial

In this short video, explore SETTINGS in our new UI and learn about the flexibility, customization and ease of use that these options allow. Set up overtime alerts, assign tasks and customers, generate overnight shift reports and enable a streamlined approval system for timesheets.