Time Card App with GPS Punch Prompt®

Timesheet Mobile time card app users can take advantage of GPS Punch Prompt, a feature that provides employees with a reminder to punch-out when leaving a work site geofence and provides system administrators with a time stamp indicating when employees leave a site.  By capturing the employee’s GPS location when the clock card app clock is started and efficiently monitoring the employee location, Punch Prompt will provide notification, typically within 5-7 minutes, when employees leave the work site.

map (1)

When enabled, Punch Prompt will capture and remember the location of the employee punch in and efficiently monitor the employee location for changes.  When the time card app detects that the employee has left the work site, a reminder to punch out is provided to the employee as shown below.

punch prompt

A sequence of events showing Punch Prompt on the Logsheet page is displayed below.  Note that when enabled, the administrator has knowledge of when the employee left the work site within approximately 5-7 minutes.  If the employee does not take time card app action until later, the administrator can work with the employee to determine when work stopped and adjust the time appropriately.  If the employee does not punch out in the time clock app, the Punch Prompt log can be utilized to create an event and stop the clock providing a system flexible enough to be incorporated into any company policy.

activity log 2

In addition to the Punch Prompt log event, administrators can configure an email address on their account settings page to receive email notification when Punch Prompt alerts are received, allowing for real-time knowledge of when employees are leaving work sites.

Employees enable Punch Prompt on the Time Card App Settings page.  Note: Punch Prompt requires that locations be sent with each punch in.

Some customer or job codes might require that an employee stay on the clock while changing locations (e.g. drive-time work code).  In these cases, the employee can choose to ignore the Punch Prompt and the clock will continue running on the selected customer or job with no further prompts displayed.  The employee will need to remember to punch out or switch customers or jobs when arriving at the next destination.

Time Card App with GPS Tutorial

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