Project+ for Workforce Management

Meet Project+: the all-in-one application for managing your workforce and workflows.

Put an end to the missed calls, emails and text messages that are distracting your mobile team and hampering their productivity.

Teams can discuss urgent priorities, message in four languages, upload images from job sites, and clarify instructions from the office. Businesses can create team messaging groups and checklists for teams of employees working together on specific projects, while managers can directly message individual workers to get the job done.

The Project+ workforce management tool is integrated into our existing GPS-enabled time tracking app and is included in Punch Plan 1, 2 and 3 subscription plans.

workforce management team chat with language translation

Picture it…in an instant.

Users can snap photos on their mobile devices and upload images directly into Project+ for quicker communication and collaboration, resulting in greater project visibility from the job site.

Multilingual translation. Sans googling.

Eliminate delays and avoid confusion. Messages and checklists are instantly rendered in English, French, German and Spanish.

language translation built into instant messaging app.

Tackle projects using to-do lists

Businesses can create checklists across multiple projects for teams to access and update in real time, ensuring that all jobs are on schedule. With one click, employees can easily tick off tasks as they are completed, and everyone on the team is instantly updated.

checklists for projects

Game-changing results

“Project+ is a game changer for our facility management business, it has saved us a lot of time and money. The chat feature on Project+ has made communicating with staff more streamlined and efficient. We have now started using checklists for the staff, and we are thinking of doing checklists for our own managers when checking the performance of the staff. I think the potential is enormous and we are making it part of our business model.”

John Aleksoski, GM, Impex Group Australia