Online Timesheets


Click on the Timesheets tab to access the hub for all on the clock employee hour and location information. Once you’ve loaded your employees, customer:jobs and tasks (optional) into the Timesheet Mobile system, you can choose a pay period and easily run online timesheets reports by individual employees and customers or for all employees and customers.

Online timesheet reports show regular and overtime hours

If there are errors or issues with employee logs in the online timesheets, the dashboard will display a warning message and additional information about the problem, helping administrators easily identify and adjust employee logs. For example, even though employees receive Punch Prompt notifications, it is not uncommon that they still forget to punch out. Admins will see that the clock is still running and be able to adjust logs accordingly.

Admins will also be able to see if any of the online timesheets show employee punches from outside the job geofence: a red globe will appear on the timesheet, alerting the admin about an issue with the punch location.

Online timesheet shows customer, task, time stamp, notes and employee locations
Clicking on a red globe will indicate the location of the punch and how far away from the job geofence the punch took place.
View employee punches outside the geofence

Approved online timesheets can be exported to HTML and CSV (spreadsheet compatible) and imported into ADP, Sage, QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Xero.

online timesheet export to QuickBooks

Online Timesheets Tutorial