What is Geofencing?

A geofence prevents timesheet errors and fraud.


Your payroll expenses are likely the biggest expense for your business and most vulnerable to fraud.  With today’s technology, you can easily prevent payroll payroll fraud and improve employee compliance.

By setting a geofence around all your jobsites, Timesheet Mobile alerts employees or contractors when they arrive, continuously monitors them during the shift and notifies managers if they leave the site while punched in.

Unfortunately, not all workers are honest and some will work harder to cheat on their time instead of just doing their job.  So, we have some features allowing you to block employees from punching in/out if they are not at the jobsite.  The app will punch them out if they turn location off on their phone and will notify managers if they turned their phone off to avoid detection.

When implementing any time tracking system the biggest challenge is going to be employee compliance. Some employees will honestly forget to punch in/out from time to time.  With geofencing, the app prevents these forgetful moments with our Punch Prompt® technology and saves hours of administrator time fixing timesheets during payroll.  Another challenge during implementation, will be employee resistance to having their geolocation tracked.  It’s important to get everyone on board and explain how the new technology will benefit the company and all employees.  Here are some good tips from Paychex.

geofencing alerts employees

Geofence Autopunch Feature

The most sought after feature by far!  Now your employees will be punched in and out of jobsites automatically without even taking their phone out of their pocket.  With our advance geofence technology, our app detects when employees arrive and depart worksites during their scheduled hours, making employee time and location tracking easy and error free. You and your employees will love the simplicity.

Creating a geofence is easy.

Just enter your jobsite addresses and the geofence is created automatically.

geofence auto punch
For geofence time tracking, enter a street address for each Customer in your account and a geofence area is automatically created.  If desired, you can customize the geofence area by moving the  center point and changing the radius. When location is captured for the employee action (Punch in, Punch out, Check Point), Timesheet Mobile will compare the location of the Punch with geofence area for the customer or job site. On the Logsheet Page, a colored globe icon indicates if the employee was at the site or distance away from the site. Also, an email alert will be sent to manager notifying them of the geofence violation.

In the example employee log events above, Employee #12 (Anthony Jones) punched out at 9:31 am while approximately .3 miles from the configured customer site.  The geofence time tracking information is displayed in real-time on the Logsheet page and email alert is sent to manager(s) when the geofence violation occurs. Location details are viewed on the map by clicking in the Location Type/Accept column.

Without Autopunch

You can also run the employee app without Autopunch.  Here, employees and contractors will be notified and reminded to punch in/out when they enter/exit jobsites.

Why choose us for employee time tracking?

  • Works from any landline, mobile device or smartphone
  • Jobsite geofencing with pinpoint accuracy
  • GPS-enabled employee location verification
  • A timesheet app that works in offline mode in poor signal areas
  • Get online timesheets in real time
  • Reliable cloud based service
  • Punch Prompt® alerts for smartphone users
  • Fully integrated with QuickBooks Online and Desktop
  • Payroll export to ADP and Sage
  • Free 24/7 Customer Support based in the USA

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