Set Up Customers and Jobs for Timesheet App Geofencing

The Customers page is used to setup timesheet app geofencing for your customers and jobsites where employees will be performing work.  Tracking of work time by customer is optional and used for Timesheet Mobile customers who wish to track billable hours for invoicing or job costing.  Customer information is added to the table using the Detail View form below or imported automatically from your QuickBooks account.

app geo fencing

Each customer must be assigned a numeric Customer Number (leading zeroes ignored).  A phone number specific to the customer can be set on this page as well.  This number can be a land line, supervisor mobile phones or other site specific phone(s).  Timesheet Mobile validates that the entered customer number matches the approved phone for that customer to permit employees logging in/out of that customer.

The Address you enter is plotted on the map where you can manually adjust the geofence by moving the thumbtack and adjusting the geofence radius.  If your jobsite doesn’t have an address, enter the longitude and latitude in the fields.

Timesheet App Geofencing Tutorial

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