Customer Spotlight: Muffetta's Domestic Assistants

Customer Spotlight: Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants

When a multi award-winning and top rated cleaning service decided it was time to tidy up employee timekeeping, they called Timesheet Mobile… Muffetta (Angie) and Troy Krueger owns Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants, a home and office cleaning company with a 25-30 person crew, with offices in both Westchester and Orange County, NY. Frustrated with inflated hours and questions…

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Gig worker using employee time tracking system

Why Employee Time Tracking Works for the Sharing Economy

Do your full-time flex employees have side jobs? With the sharing economy offering so many opportunities to earn extra income, workers are cashing in. Meanwhile, employers are left wondering if they are getting the hours they are paying for. Gig workers are a growing sector of the workforce, making the case for implementing an employee time tracking system even stronger.

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Employee cell phone privacy issues

How Timesheet Mobile Protects Employee Privacy

One of the biggest concerns that employees have when their employer implements a mobile timekeeping is the issue of privacy. Timesheet Mobile offers the following information to help uphold trust, ease the timekeeping transition and demonstrate how we respect and protect employee privacy.  Location Tracking. The TSM app is NOT a tracking device and employees are not being monitored all day…

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Construction crew doing home improvements

Construction Industry Cashes in on Home Improvement Trend

Hurry up and wait … How investing in current home construction can pay off for patient homeowners. In many states, the housing industry has become one in which supply cannot keep up with demand. There simply aren’t enough available options for home buyers–other than those that enjoy bidding wars. Given the nature of the market, many…

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