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Stress-free Timekeeping for the Mobile Healthcare Sector

From visiting nurses and hospice care to case workers and post-acute care providers, the home health care industry is booming. With a record number of professionals entering this field, it is crucial that the companies hiring them having a comprehensive employee time tracking system in place.

Using any landline or mobile phone, hourly health care professionals can log in and out of jobs and track individual tasks performed throughout the day. Smartphone users will utilize our free timesheet app to punch in and out, log mileage, make notes and easily transition from one job to the next. With our exclusive Punch Prompt® system, employees will receive alerts upon arriving and leaving the geofence of a home, reminding them to clock in and out. Days can be mapped out from start to finish, based on a provider’s schedule of visits on any given day.

Timesheet Mobile™ eliminates the stress of the timekeeping process by providing an easy to use, cloud-based solution. When healthcare workers have instant access to their time logs, tasks and schedules, they spend less time getting organized and more time focusing on the patients that depend on them.

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Why choose us for employee time tracking?

  • Works from any landline, mobile device or smartphone
  • Jobsite geofencing with pinpoint accuracy
  • GPS-enabled employee location verification
  • A timesheet app that works in offline mode in poor signal areas
  • Get online timesheets in real time
  • Reliable cloud based service
  • Punch Prompt® alerts for smartphone users
  • Fully integrated with QuickBooks Online and Desktop
  • Payroll export to ADP and Sage
  • Free 24/7 Customer Support based in the USA